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Cleveland texas is a small community located 45 miles north of Houston Texas. Cleveland Texas is located in Liberty County. Cleveland Texas is located near the Sam Houston National Forest in the big thicket of east Texas. Cleveland Texas and the city of Cleveland is a great place to live, Cleveland Texas if full of great people. If you are looking for a place in Cleveland Texas check out our real-estate section there are a lot of homes in Cleveland Texas, and some great Cleveland Texas businesses. Cleveland Texas is the best. The chamber had more Cleveland Texas information, and the city of Cleveland Texas can also help. This Cleveland Texas website is here to help Cleveland Texas residents, as well as people looking to move to Cleveland Texas. The Cleveland Boy Scouts Troop 95 is located at Stancil Park in Cleveland Texas. Cleveland Texas is growing fast, and is a great place to commute to and from Houston, Humble, and Kingwood. I am glad to live in Cleveland Texas. Cleveland Texas Home Page Cleveland Texas Map Cleveland Texas Cleveland Texas